Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bikes, bikes, and more bikes!

Can you believe it is almost the middle of June already? 2014 is nearly half gone! Eeeek! I swear that the older I get, the faster time goes by.... scary....

So this past couple of weeks, a few really fun things have happened. You know that I bought a new motorcycle (I was bragging it up in the last post!), and as a result of selling me his, Chris had to buy himself a new one!

Sweet new Street Glide!

On the open road!

We are a two "bagger" family now! LOL!

He picked it up yesterday, and we were able to go for a little spin last night. Sadly, the riding conditions have not been noteworthy - cool, windy, cloudy. But it was still great to get out!

I know earlier I said that there were a 'few' really fun things that have happened..... however, aside from doing a bit of golfing and getting myself a decent peddle bike, the Harleys are actually the only excitement we've had that I can think of since the road trip in May!

Anyway, I'm sure the weather will improve eventually, and then I'll have slightly more interesting things to blog about!



Anonymous said...

tell Chris that his new ride is an awesome color,,,sure is a sharp looking machine,,,,,it looks like your ride was a very good purchase ,,it looks like NEW,,,HOPE THE WEATHER CLEARS UP FOR SOME GOOD RIDING,,,,,,rain capes flap too much in the wind,, and fun riding,,,dunkster,,,,,,,,

Anonymous said...

those are beautiful bikes !!!! are you going to be getting 2-way head phones? or whatever they are called..
also, maybe you would be interested in some of my 'cold weather ' riding clothes now hee mom