Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Every day is Father's Day......

..... and Mother's Day, for that matter! In my opinion, it is totally cool that there are days set aside specifically where we acknowledge how special our parents are.... but if you really think about it, we should be doing that EVERY day, shouldn't we?!

Last week, I mailed my father a card which of course, in my scatterbrained fashion of late, did not arrive on time for the said "Father's Day". And I possibly was tardy with my mom's card back in May as well. Tsk. So, along with continuing to utilize the formal Mother's Day / Father's Day venues, I'm going to take this random opportunity to tell both of the people who are responsible for my being, how much they mean to me! Parents, I love you!

In light of this past Sunday, I came across the following list of "Dad's Favorite Sayings", and it made me laugh so hard.... I'm certain I heard all of these growing up - not only from my Dad, but from my Mom too!

Check out number 7 and number 4..... too funny!

At any rate, I guess my point here is that every single day, whether I say it out loud or not, I adore my parents and appreciate everything they have ever done for me. They are fun, fabulous people, and my Sister and I turned out pretty darn good as a result of having them as our parents!

Taken a few years ago at Bow Falls - one of my fave pics of them!

Selfie with the Parents!

Thank you Duncan and Elinor!


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Anonymous said...

DEAR CHERYLE...you obviously learned something from your parents' rhetorical replies during your home time living..in our opinion you learned lots and have made us VERY PROUD of you and your accomplishments in life your little sister also shares your wise decisions in life we would not trade you both for ANYTHING IN THE WORLD,,,love ya lots ,,,elmo and dunkster...