Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Just Happy to be Outside

This past weekend was fabulous! The weather was unexpectedly gorgeous, so Chris and I got out to Canmore and enjoyed a couple of amazing days in the mountains.

Saturday, we peddled the Cascade Fire Road to the river.... and were moderately disappointed to find that (even though the Parks Canada trail report did clearly state that the bridge was out!) the normally mild-flowing water was pretty much a raging torrent.... and hence became our turnaround point since it definitely was not fordable.

The end of the trail. Boooo.

There's the bridge!

The Fun-mobile!

It was a great ride nonetheless, and after stopping in at a pub in Banff for the requisite after-biking beers, we had time to zip up Tunnel Mountain.

What an awesome view down the Bow Valley!

Cool view of the Banff townsite from the top of Tunnel Mountain.

On Sunday, we took a drive up the Banff/Jasper Parkway to the always fantastic Bow Lake, where we did the nice little hike up to Bow Glacier Falls.

Crowfoot Mountain and Bow Lake

Look at the color of that water!

The moraine makes a neat landscape!

Bow Glacier Falls

Soooo lucky to have all this in our back yard!
Lovin' being outside!

Every single day, I am immensely grateful that this is our playground. And I can hardly wait for our next adventure - biking the Kettle Valley Railway in mid-July!


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Anonymous said...

very interesting pictures..did not think the streams would be as full as they are,,,but the longer time running prevents flooding lower down stream,,certainly is beautiful scenery everywhere,,,nice weather too,finally,,love ya lots,,,dunkster,,,,