Sunday, April 24, 2016

Birthday weekend!

Not my birthday, mind you. It was Chris's birthday on Saturday the 16th, and by all accounts, I'd say he had a good time....

So much for the shiny new 300XC!

Chris and some buddies went out west for the day, and his new toy made its inaugural ride... Of course the bike (and Chris!) came home a tad muddy, but hey.... he didn't buy it to look at it, right! Then on Sunday, we enjoyed the beauty spring temps out at his Mom and Dad's place.

Mmmmmm, cake!

The birthday boy!

This work week has been a long one for me, as Thursday I zipped to southern Texas for an organometallics conference (google that one!). I've been to Houston a few times already, so I didn't end up doing much sightseeing - it was all work and no play!
Interesting Texas landscape!

Check it out - an alkyls demonstration.
Don't try this at home friends!
My plant is taking a 10-day outage starting next Sunday, so the first part of May is going to be hectic to say the least. But the chaos will be tempered by a quick trip to the Shuswap and then.... Iceland! Did I mention that I am excited??! I love having things to look forward to! Life is good!

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Anonymous said...

you certainly do not let any grass grow under your feet,,,Iceland will be here soon ,,hope the plant work goes on schedule with nonhic cups,,, ya lots cheerio for now ,,,dunkster..