Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Planes, trains, and yes... automobiles.....

Well that was quite the weekend! I unexpectedly had to work on Friday... and not a casual shift, either... we're talkin' I rolled home from the ol' salt plant at around 8pm.... Oy! Then on Saturday, I jetted out to Vancouver. One of Chris's youngest offspring moved out to 'Hollywood North', so he drove her and her belongings across a province and a half, spent just enough time there to unload her things, and then turned around and headed back. He picked me up at YVR, and I was able to help break up the monotony of the second half of the 27+ hour round trip for him.

Love plane rides! Although it was only
a one-drink-long flight....

I love the snow-covered mountains!

The big city!

Here she is.... What a beauty! Very creative as well.
She's going to do fantastic in Vancouver!

And the road trip begins.....

Controlled burn?

They're a happy bunch at the
Timmy's in Sicamous!

Of course we stopped at Shuswap Lake.

A mysterious-looking Three Valley Gap....

Approaching Roger's Pass.

I never get tired of driving
through the Rockies!

Seeing the mountains in the rear-view mirror
always makes me a little melancholy...

The drive was actually pretty fun - I love road trips! The scenery was stellar and the company was great. Turns out it was not a bad way to spend a couple of lovely spring days.

Kristen, if you are reading this, I wish you happiness and adventure in your new city. Your Dad is worried silly about you, but I know you can handle it, and I'm confident you will be successful and are going to completely rock it! Look out world! Woot!


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Anonymous said...

quite an adventure for Kristin,,but she will be busy adjusting to her new adventure,,,, road trip back looked like nice weather..and as always nice mountain scenery,,,as you say ,,a different way to enjoy a weekend ,,,,cheerio for now ,,love ya lots ,,dunkster,,