Tuesday, April 12, 2016

That's the spirit!

Wow! What an eventful 48 hours this past weekend was!

Canmore hosts a fantastic, 10-day long affair called "Uncorked", which is much too cool to try and describe here (google it!). On Friday, we attended the Whiskey and Spirits Tasting event, and long story short, for $40, a person can get right proper intoxicated! You can sample as many of the varieties of whiskey, scotch, vodka, rum, gin, as there is time for. Smart move on the organizers' part - the lights came on at 10pm and we were all encouraged to continue the evening elsewhere!

Following the night of spirits, we were still able to drag our carcasses out of bed at an impressively early hour and head to Sunshine. Where, unbeknownst to us, the "Thrill of the Hill" was taking place. Now, anything sponsored by Coors Light is just going to be a run-away, you've got to expect that. And it was!

Not a lot of skiing happened that day, but we met a ton of great people and thoroughly enjoyed soaking up the sun and fun!

Next up: Work, work, work.... I have a training course to go to in Houston this month, and my plant is taking a major outage next month. So the ol' nose will be to the grindstone until pretty much the end of May. But then.... Iceland! Yup, I booked it. Finally! I've been wanting to go there forever, so I figure there is no better time than the present, right??! I can't wait - it will be a much needed vacation, to an amazing chunk of the planet. So excited to explore more of this beautiful world!


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Anonymous said...

Very happy that you are going to Iceland,,,it should be very exciting,,,,so ,,back to Houston,,,good for you,,,keep this up and you will be looking for property in Texas,,,lol,,,cheerio for now love ya lots ,dunkster,,,,