Monday, March 12, 2018

Fun in the Sun!

Sun, sun, SUN! The sun was more than shining at Sunshine Meadows on Sunday - it was blazing! The sky was clear, the powder was untracked, and there wasn't a breath of wind.... I could not have asked for a more perfect day to be in the back country!

I am really loving the snowshoeing thing. The temps were in the +5C range, so I was without a jacket for most of the afternoon.... But it is a fantastic activity for a cold day also, because you are constantly moving and a fair amount of effort is required to get through deep snow. All exertion aside, you can go wherever you want, as opposed to having to stay on a trail like you do when winter hiking. It rocks!

Over the weekend, I also learned that I have some - not much, but some - mad painting skills.... LOL.... I signed up for a concrete statue paint party with Creating Dharma (check her out on Facebook). The figurines are made with reclaimed concrete (and some fresh stuff, too) that originated from the mountains in the Canmore area, and the molds are handmade in Exshaw. There were a lot of creative people in the house, let me tell you! I was not one of them however....

Watch for these critters on my patio this summer - I managed to eek out a small, basic colored turtle and a boring rendition of a salamander.... but I totally enjoyed the evening and will definitely try it again!

Well, the weekends fly by as it is, and the spring-ahead time change made this past one go even quicker. But alas, another Monday is done, and only a few more sleeps until it is Friday again! Yeah!


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Anonymous said...

would like to know what you are doing in your third picture...the snow tracks look like you were going in circles...????
looks like a beautiful day to be out in the snow.
And the painting, honey you have always had drawing and painting skills, guess you have never had time to explore that area of your creative side. Keep it up.
And have love