Sunday, February 15, 2009

Buh bye Barbados...

We're at the airport right now, waiting to get on the plane to come back to... WINTER!! Oh well. It's been a fantastic trip; the weather was really the most unbelievable part about it... every day was hot and sunny and of course windy - but windy in a good way, not just for the kitesurfing, but because without it, the heat would be unbearable! My friend Toni needs to travel here, the temps are perfect for her! Honestly we spent the entire time in bathing suits, only putting on a shirt and shorts when we went out to eat. No long sleeves needed! We met some awesome people too, a few folks from Canada and a great group from the UK. Friday night we all went into Oistins to the 'fish fry'... what an experience! There was music and dancing and food and drinks, it was super fun. Then on Saturday I went snorkelling with sea turtles, which was way cooler than I ever imagined. They are such gentle creatures, and they're LARGE, so beautiful! This morning we lazed around, went for a stroll along the beach, got soaked in the daily tropical rain shower (very refreshing!), and then packed up our stuff and took the most calm bus ride of the vacation - the taxi/bus drivers here are mostly crazy - to the airport. It's nice and air-conditioned in here, plus there is free wireless internet to help pass the time.
Anyhow, I'm going to make one last trip around the shops here to burn off the Barbados dollars we have left... then north we go. See you soon!

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Anonymous said...

hiya, just looking at your shots - awesome Cheryl. Pete liked the one of him and the turtle. he is now thoroughly embarrassed at the shots he showed you!!! see you next year maybe? Jill Pete and Jonny Tyexxxx