Tuesday, February 3, 2009

This is the life!

Ahhhhh.... 30 degrees and SUN!! It doesn’t get much better than this! We arrived in Barbados Monday, after an uneventful but long (11 hour) flight... the taxi ride from the airport to the hotel however was one of the most frightening experiences of my life!! **Whew** not something I need to do again soon!!
And in his usual fashion, Todd dropped our luggage in our room and made a break for the beach within about 15 minutes of arriving at our destination... of course he got in a fantastic session before the sun went down, it was awesome to watch! I on the other hand, am going to have to grow some kahoonas, because even inside the reef the swell is intimidating, and the shore break is substantial as well. I know it will be a challenge, but I really need to try out my new board!!
Tuesday we slept late, and by the time we got things set up to kite, the wind had kind of died. But that’s okay – I got in some poolside time and drank a few rums, yummy! Todd saw some sea turtles while riding and I saw some monkeys when I was out wandering around. So far, the only minor detail I could do without is some weird bird, which chirps incessantly and sounds exactly like our gas detectors at work when they go off... I've actually resorted to earplugs at night, because they just don’t shut up!!
And today Todd got out for two sessions in the surf, one in the morning and another this afternoon... I stayed in the shade due to a little too much sun the day before!!
Anyhow, overall I’d have to say so far, so good! The resort is nice, the food and drinks are good, the water is TURQUOISE like I’ve never seen before, and obviously the weather is fantastic! We’re having fun in the sun, YEAH!!! My posts may be limited though, because the internet access is super sketchy. We are going to rent a car and travel around for a couple of days, so hopefully we can find an internet cafe and I can get some pix up, to make you all jealous!!! It is a beautiful location!

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Jyne said...

Hey Cher great pics!!! Say Hi to the Captain for me...lol