Sunday, February 1, 2009

I love airports!

Yes, it's true... I love airports! I love watching all the people, I wonder what their stories are... where they are all going to or coming from... are they on holidays? is it a business trip? maybe it's some romantic secret meeting!? Oh, the possibilities are endless!
Anyway, we're catching the redeye tonite, so what better way to get yourself a bit sleepy than to stop in at a pub and visit with the Captain! We board soon, but I thought I'd post since there is free wi-fi, plus it kills a bit of time. This time tomorrow, we'll be sitting in a pub alright, but it will be in BARBADOS!!! Yeah!!
Cheers (and I do mean CHEERS!)


heather elmo dunc said...

Hey, where is your nose piercing?!?!?! have a great post, please post lots, I need a beach vacation and your pics will have to do!! HF

heather elmo dunc said...

oops, I mean have a great TRIP!!