Monday, February 9, 2009

Testing, testing, 1..2..3..

Ha ha! I've read that the true test of a relationship is travelling together... well, I'm now sure that the TRUEST test is driving together in a car, in a foreign country, where the roads are super narrow, shoulder-less, and you're on the opposite side of the road as in Canada! We rented a car last week, and the first few hours in it were scary to say the least! But we did manage to get used to it and we did not kill (or even maim) each other...!! We spent a couple of days and drove around the entire island, which is interesting and beautiful. The north coast is rugged, with huge cliffs and no beaches. The east side is less populated, and the south and west coasts are definitely where the action is. We went to pretty much the middle of the island and saw Harrison's Cave, and we also went to Ocean Park which is a small aquarium-type place. Other than that, we've been hanging at the resort, Todd's been kitesurfing, and I've been frolicking in the sea! No, I haven't got up the guts to try my new board out yet... the swells are large (no flat water here!) and I've witnessed a few too many epics thus far - tangled kites, people slammed up on the shore, ripped kites requiring rescue (Todd!!), people carried downwind and by the tide out to sea - and I just can't bring myself to do it. Oh well. The white sand and rum is enough for me!

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