Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Back on the Water

Todd finally got back out riding yesterday... and he can hardly keep the grin off his face!! It wasn't stellar wind, but it was enough. He rode for several hours, and when he took a break... I gave it a go!! The wind had lightened up substantially by then, so I didn't get in a great session, but it was good to be in the water and practice some things. I still get a bit creeped out by what I can't see below me, but all in all, it was pretty fun. And I got stung by my first jellyfish - just a little guy, looked like a tiny blue-bottle or something.
Anyhow, the breeze is up again today, so we're off to the beach (of course!). Hope all is well with everyone back in the winter wonderland!

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Anonymous said...

Hi guys !!! These blogs are awesome. We look so forward to reading of your activities. This place looks like the perfect place to be. I would love to experience the warm waters and white sandy beaches. So glad Todd is back at it. Watch out for those little creatures that bite!!! Have fun & stay safe. Love you guys..mom & dad