Thursday, January 28, 2010

We Shall Return

Only a couple of more days and it will all be over... D'OH!!! We have seriously been enjoying St Lucia - the people are amazing, the resort is awesome, and of course the weather rocks! With highs of 32C and lows of 26C, and the occasional, refreshing, nighttime or early morning rain shower... well it really is hard to imagine going back to winter, ever! We have been spending almost every day, all day, down the beach at 2Elements. They definitely have a sweet setup for kiting - the side-onshore winds and the shape of the bay make the location super safe, plus they have a rescue boat and someone paying attention at all times in case of a kiter in distress. The ocean is bathwater warm and the shorebreak is minimal. Massive waveriding or relatively flatwater riding can be found within hundreds of meters of each other, and the area is large enough that it never seems crowded. The trade winds make for a fairly smooth and steady breeze, although it hasn't been the howling 25kts that Todd was hoping for - but he has been out on the water nearly every day, so he really has nothing to complain about! This is a place we would definitely come back to, and it would be super fun with a large group of friends.
Well, the local merchants are setting up their tables this morning - so I'm off to spend my last few ECD's on souvenirs. Todd's already pumping up a kite and will be starting his regular 6-hour, non-stop kiting routine shortly... crazy man... gotta love his obsessive/compulsiveness... heh heh...

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