Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sun, fun, and rum!

Darn. Our vacation is now half over. Darn! Aside from Todd's back-tweaking mishap a couple of days ago however (trying a new kitesurfing trick - gee, would you ever have guessed??!!), everything has been fabulous! He's feeling a thousand times better today than he did on Thursday, so tomorrow we are taking a dive/snorkel trip to the west side of the island. And he's hoping to be back riding by Monday.
We have met some super cool people - Chris (the owner of 2 Elements Wind Sports ), Jimmy, Gavin, Franck, Bruce, Daniel, Richard (a pro photographer here on a photoshoot )... and the other night I joined a group of them and headed into town to check out one of the local pubs. Vieux Fort is relatively small and has totally retained the St Lucian culture. The evening was fantastic! I look forward to seeing more of the island this upcoming week.
I also have to say that the resort is great - the staff are all unbelievably friendly, the entertainment is top notch, and the food is stellar! Oh, and did I mention the spiced rum!! It is better than any I have ever tasted. Mmmm! Plus we've both had massages at the spa... it doesn't get much better than this!
Well, it is +30C here (again!) and the wind is blowing (again!), so I think I've finally built up the nerve to give the kitesurfing thing a try this afternoon... I'll be sure to post and let you know how it went!

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