Thursday, January 7, 2010

Winter Getaway Time

There has been very little reprieve from the nasty cold since we got home from Australia... and I just don't have the patience to wait it out for another month until our sailing trip in the BVI... so... Todd and I are heading to St Lucia next Sunday! It wasn't hard to convince him that kiting in hot weather and warm water would be much more pleasant than in a blustery -30C winter breeze... and of course I'm game to go almost anywhere at any time. I am so excited! Neither of us has been there before, but we've heard great things, and the wind is supposed to be stellar. We'll be on the south tip of the island at Anse de Sables (Sandy Beach). I bought a cool little laptop to take with me on my travels, specifically for photos and blogging... so stay tuned for my posts from the amazing West Indies!

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