Saturday, April 10, 2010

How many ways can I photograph the west end of Rundle??

Certainly that is the question you will be asking me after this post!


Similar to the Canmore Hoodoos, Vermillion Lakes is a neat little spot that I have neglected to visit, in the three-plus years I've lived in the Bow Valley! D'OH! Bad Cheryle, bad!

So today, since the weather again did a one-eighty (clear and sunny and snow almost gone one day, to white-out blizzard highway-closing conditions the next, back to clear and sunny!), I decided to zip to Banff this afternoon with my GF-1 and snap some pics to check out my new lens. I recently bought the 14-45mm for my micro four-thirds camera, and I tell you, I am sooooo happy with this new kit!! It is compact and fun!

And yes, the west end of Rundle is the predominant feature in the backdrop of the Vermillion Lakes landscape.

It was great to get outside and soak up the sunshine and fresh air. Tomorrow, Jody and I are heading out with our cameras for some early spring photography, maybe down into K-Country. She is an amazing photographer and loves water and waterfalls, so I scoped out a couple of places we can hike to, even if conditions aren't stellar. Then, back to Red Deer on Monday for some more of that necessary evil called 'work'. Booo.


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