Monday, April 12, 2010

Photo Fun

Ha ha, in yet another twist of weather fate, yesterday was cool and a bit bleak but did not end up stormy as predicted. So my good friend Jody and I went exploring with our cameras... what fun!! We started out on Pigeon Creek, near Dead Man's Flats... and I say "on", because it was only partially frozen, so we were able to play around with ice and water and rocks.

Then we bushwhacked in an unsuccessful attempt to locate Spray Falls... obviously I did not read the approach description correctly?? Oops! But on the map, they are RIGHT THERE!! Oh well. We gave up and headed to Kananaskis Village, to hike to Troll Falls, which ended up being frozen solid... but it was still neat to see. Plus that particular area is full of groves of the coolest poplar trees - I think that was my favorite part of the day.

And on the way home, we stopped at O'Shaughnessy Falls (Hwy 40, between Barrier Bluffs and Baldy Pass trailhead) for what turned into a few hours of moving water photography. I had no idea that the little rest area I've passed a hundred times could be so entertaining!

I can't wait to see Jody's pics... that girl is an amazing photographer, and she is patient and diligent and uses all sorts of filters and a tripod, etc. I am basically lazy and would rather see what I can come up with, just wandering around using my Lensbaby and fisheye!

Oh, I hope summer gets here soon! I look forward to the long days, with lots of sunshine... I'm itching to get out hiking and scrambling. We do have a couple of upcoming trips planned however, so that takes my mind off the crappy spring weather: Skaha, for some rock climbing in May, and St Vincent & The Grenadines, for a bareboat sail in June. Life's not so bad!!


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Anonymous said...

you two have some magnificent pictures ,,you cover a lot of area in one photo session,!....,,dunkster,,,