Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's White Out!

Whoa! I must say, I didn't see this one coming... literally... I actually didn't see ANYTHING there for awhile today! Todd and I went up to Spray Lakes this afternoon, for what EnviroCan was promising would be an awesomely breezy time. It started out fabulous! Todd broke out the 13m Frenzy and I spent an enjoyable hour or so on the 8m Access. But as it turned out, the 'possible showers late in the day' and 'winds from the west at 20km/h' turned out to be a raging squall - winds in excess of 40km/h combined with heavy snowfall eventually forced me to land my kite. Visibility dropped to about fifty feet, and the blizzardy conditions even meant die-hard Todd packed it in after a couple of hours!

Oh well, at least we got out for some fresh air. We are going to head up there again tomorrow, since it couldn't be any worse than today, right??!! Heh heh. I'm hoping for a bit less snowfall, so that I can open my camera backpack without it filling with the white stuff immediately... and I'd love it if the winds weren't too freaky, since I really want to get more practice flying the foils.

Gotta love spring time in Alberta!



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nice pictures,,,dunkster....

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