Friday, April 23, 2010

Lovely Linden!

When I travel to Medicine Hat, sometimes I drive down Hwy 21, thru Trochu, Three Hills, It is usually quieter and the scenery is a nice break from the brutality of Hwy 2. There is a road sign, just south of Three Hills, pointing to 'Linden', and even though I've driven past it many times, I've never been there. Until yesterday!

My great friend Mona (who used to work at the same place I do, but was lucky enough to escape!) recently relocated to the cute little town in the rolling prairies. She and her hubby have a most amazing home, on the edge of the small but bustling community, overlooking some gorgeous coulees. I made a quick trip out there yesterday, and we had a fabulous visit!

We spent the day catching up over lunch, followed by a walk with her two cool poochies, and then when Ron got home from work we enjoyed some yummy barbequed steaks! Needless to say, my belly was full and my eyelids were heavy, as I drove home last night. It was such a good day!

Oh, and I also came back with a trunk full of home-made goodies... Mona is a stellar cook, not to mention a very creative and crafty lady... I scored some dill pickles, crabapple jelly, and banana bread! Mmmmm!! Make sure you email her at , if you ever need baby blankets, sewing, etc. I am already looking forward to my next trip to Linden!


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Pam S said...

Hey Chez! Awesome blog pics!....thanks for posting the pics of Mona and the pups!
Wow...I almost miss Alberta!
FYI it's definately spring here on Vancouver Island! TC. Love Pam