Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Day In The Life Of

As homeowners, these are the glamorous types of things we occasionally have to deal with...


Replacing the seal on one of our toilets was on the agenda for today, which actually didn't take very long. Todd can be extremely handy when he needs to be. Heh heh.

And to show my appreciation for fixing the leaky toilet, I was the one who made supper. Chili. Mmmmmm. It was actually very hot, not chilly. Heh heh.

Yes, I cooked this ALL BY MYSELF!!

Then there are the things we don't have to worry about...


Notice how there is no snow on the porches, steps or sidewalks... Gotta love it when somebody else shovels - this alone is worth every cent of our condo fees!! Especially since it has been snowing non-stop for the past week and it is -25C outside!

So, aside from the fact that a 9am phone call reminded me about a training day I had scheduled (but totally forgot to show up for), and my complete stupid Cheryle trick of backing out of the driveway with my brand new extension cord still plugged into my car, well, it was a pretty awesome day!!


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