Sunday, November 7, 2010

Gained another hour!

We rolled into Red Deer around midnight last night, officially ending another fantastic holiday. **SIGH** The time change however (again! we had a time change in La Ventana also!!) was a huge bonus - I woke up this morning at 9am, and it was only really 8am! Yeah! Love it!!

In the end, the vacation didn't go completely without a hitch. Since Heather and Court live in Phoenix, we decided to spend a couple of days there on our way home from Mexico... and during that layover, Todd's carry-on bag ended up misplaced... which wasn't a big deal in itself, as it contained only a few pieces of clothing and a dead iPod Nano. But then I remembered that our car keys were in it... D'OH!! That threw a bit of a wrench into getting from the Calgary airport back to Red Deer. Luckily, I have the hands-down BEST friend on the planet - Toni - and she stopped at our house to get the spare key and then dropped it off where our car was parked. I can not thank her enough for doing this for us!! I owe her big time.

This afternoon, I met up with my friends Mona and Ron for a fun little photo session. I had been checking the weather intermittently while we were gone, and in all honesty the forecast did not look good for this weekend. But the day turned out to be a glorious one, making it hard to believe it is November! They brought their poochies, and their kids Karen and Terry joined us as well. Watch for a sneak peek of the sesh on my photo blog.

Well, I guess I'd better get editing... I've got an 8-gig card full of pics from La Ventana to get through and a couple of hundred shots from today... Life is good!!

November 7, 2010


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Todd Learn said...

Yes babe, life is good! Love you.