Thursday, November 4, 2010

An extra hour...

The clocks went back an hour here, on Sunday night... so basically I've been an hour out this whole week!! D'OH!! Oh well. I made up for it today. I've been lounging around since 6:00am, because I thought I was actually getting up at SEVEN... and in my newly-found-out-about extra hour this morning, I went for a walk, collected some more cool sea glass, and stopped for an iced latte at Baja Joe's.


There may not be any kiting today by the looks of the wind direction - it is straight onshore. However, even if it doesn't happen today, I think Todd still will say he had a great time - he rode nine days in a row, plus he scored a surfboard!!

I'll probably sort out my collection of beach finds and start to get stuff packed up, since we fly to Phoenix tomorrow to visit Heather and Court. Then it's home and back to work next week. Boooo for work!

It's been so nice to enjoy one final stretch of warm temperatures before prepping for winter. The one great thing about going back to snow is the fact that snowkite season will soon be underway - I can hardly wait! Water kiting isn't quite my thing just yet, but kiting on the SNOW certainly is. Bring it on!!



Cliff said...

Hey! is that a picture of one of them speedy road chickens???

Anonymous said...

nice pic of the road runner,,,you have a fast lens ,,other pics are great also,,,glad you are leaving MEXICO,,,enjoy visit with H & C,,,,cheerio ,,,dunkster,,