Sunday, December 5, 2010

Good Times!

Today was another smokin' hot day in Cabarete... but there wasn't alot of wind this morning, so we went to Sosua to check it out. The bay and the beach are quite pretty, and we wandered around the little shops for a couple of hours before returning to our hotel to meet the kite repair guy. Did I mention that Todd is a kite-wrecking machine??! Those are his words, by the way. Heh heh. However... the repair job is excellent, and it seems that once again the 13m is in flying condition!

The 13m suffered a bit of trauma... AGAIN... D'OH!!!!

This afternoon, the wind did pick up a little, and Todd rode his 17m and the Spleen Door. I think he had a decent time, because he was on the water for nearly three hours!

Right now we are in Maraja's Beach Lounge, which is right next door to where we are staying. It seems to be the only place where we can find an internet connection, and for the mere cost of a Mojito and a Cuba Libre, they give us an access code and we can surf to our hearts' content! It is actually a really nice hangout - the music is groovy and the drinks are extremely good!

Not sure what's up for tomorrow... I am loving the beach and the sun and don't have any complaints. Life is good!! Wish you were here!!


One of the pools in the resort.

Kite Beach

It's almost Christmas!?

Ca-razy Cabarete!


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Anonymous said...

Nice pictures,,you are warmer than us only 72' today BUT not complaining ,going to get new glasses today Barney destroyed mine on friday,,,enjoy the day,,,cheerio,,,dunkster,,,