Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wind, where art thou??

Okay... I was a little confused yesterday... we didn't actually GO on the waterfall tour, we were just BOOKING the waterfall tour... damn all this rum!! Hee hee! Turns out we most likely aren't going anyhow, since it is an 'all-day' event (7am-6pm) and about half of it will be spent driving there and back.

Later in the afternoon yesterday, Todd and I took the Hobie Cat out for a spin, then we played in the surf with some boogie boards - what a riot!! I got slammed into the beach several times and was completely covered in sand by the time we were finished; in fact I still have sand in my hair today!

And sadly, it looks like the wind forecast has changed again, for the worse this time. What was supposed to show up by Thursday is now pushed back until Sunday... which will be too late, for us, anyhow. Oh well. What do you do. At least it is sunny and hot here!! And did I mention that there is lots of rum? Yum!!

Maraja's Beach Bar

random stairwell


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