Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oh, my aching head!!

Seldom a vacation goes by where Todd doesn't injure himself...


This scuff on the head is courtesy of the massive shore break... Todd was trying out his surfboard in the much too shallow water yesterday, and he took a thumping.

Today we got up early and went on a gnarly dive/snorkel tour. The water was super rough (we had to SWIM out to the dive boat because it couldn't get into shore!), so one stop was all our stomachs could take and we opted out of going to the second site. The fish and the coral were very cool however and I'm glad we did it!


We're kind of laying low this afternoon... the wind is still negligible but it is very hot... so perhaps we'll get out on the Hobie Cat again? If nothing else, there is always rum!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

nasty looking bruises,,Todd,,maybe you should have a safety baloon of HELIUM to save you from plunging too you will probably be O.K TOMMORROW,,, NICE PICS AGAIN CHERYLE,,, cheerio,,, dunkster,,,,,