Saturday, April 16, 2011

Close only counts...

... in horseshoes and hand grenades! (and shaving I guess??). Which is truly sooooo unfortunate - because I came really darn close today to having a really fat bank account! Check out the recent Lotto Max Maxmillions numbers:

And then have a look at my Lotto Max ticket:

Yes folks, I was literally ONE NUMBER away from collecting a cool million. How fun would that have been??!! No work on Monday for me!! Or ever again for that matter! Ha ha!!

Oh well. Maybe some other time. And did I mention that NINE is now my least favorite number??



Anonymous said... needed ONLY ONE NUMBER....I usually only get one number,,,so,,,,keep trying you are close and one time it will be EXACT,,one never knows....cheerio,,,,dunkster....

CanLotto said...

So close. You took it so well.

You might want to check out a new site:

CanLotto has Canadian lottery results in an easy to read format.

Good Luck!