Friday, April 29, 2011

No, I did not watch 'The Royal Wedding'....

Sorry, we don't have cable... so I missed seeing Kate and Will tie the knot. Oh well. We were up to something far more exciting instead - check it out!

Yes, that's Gull Lake... and yes, the ice is still on it... and YES, those guys are actually kitesurfing!! Todd, Chris and Paul are serious diehards and wouldn't dream of missing a kiting opportunity, even if it means donning drysuits and dodging icebergs. And so they did.

The day turned out to be gorgeous and it was so much fun watching these crazy men cruise back and forth in the narrow section of open water. 

After Todd's fingers and toes were numb beyond being functional, he packed up his gear and we went for a walk around the lake. It felt awesome to be out in the fresh air, soaking up some much much needed vitamin D!

Pinky the Killer Picnic Table
(you'll have to ask Chris about that one)

If the days continue to be as nice as today, I'll probably get sucked into thinking that winter may truly be over! Oh please, please, let it be so!!



Anonymous said...

The geese are heading north ,the robins are here ,the ADEMENT KITE SURFERS are on the open water,,,,,therefore,, SPRING MUST BE HERE !!!!,,,,,,cheerio ,,dunkster,,,,,,

Todd Learn said...

A beautiful day. Thanks for the pics sweetie!!