Thursday, April 14, 2011

Don't Blink or You'll Miss It!!

Of course I'm referring to that elusive season called summer.... that's right.... I'm afraid it may have came and went, folks. D'OH!!

Earlier this week, things were looking up, and I'm talking WAY up - the sun was shining, it was above zero for several days, almost the entire plethora of snow had melted... Then, at some point during the night last night, it was like we time-warped back about three months. This morning was a hideous mess!

Never mind that winter has dragged on and on and on already... but we really don't need any more moisture! Thus far in Red Deer we've been fairly lucky I think, with respect to flooding. However, during all the warm weather, some melting ice must have jammed up in one of the little creeks which runs through downtown, forcing the water to back up and partially cover Rotary Park.

It's honestly not looking like picnic weather any time soon! Booooo!!


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Anonymous said...

neat pictures ,,cheryle,,,see you next week-end ,,,dunkster,,,,,