Monday, April 25, 2011

Hoppy Easter!

I just had an awesome, extra-long weekend with my family in Medicine Hat! My sister came for a visit, all the way from Arizona, and my uncle joined us from Calgary. Plus we had a few other good friends take part in the Saturday afternoon eats and treats and the subsequent evening card game. Of course I didn't win at cards... but it was still fun! Hee hee! The best part was getting to see everyone!

We made quick work of the feast! Yummy!

The weather was decent too, which was a nice surprise, as I was beginning to think summer had completely abandoned us this year. And while we were out and about, we did see what I'd say are a few true signs of spring:

Grazing antelope - right in town!

Motorcycles! See more photos of this cool bike HERE.

Thanks so much to my Mom for cooking us such an amazing Easter dinner! It was a super tasty bonus to a great four days!


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Anonymous said...

SUPER COOL easter pictures ,,your veggy dish was EXCELLENT ! was an overall lovely week end thanks for bringing you sister also,,,love you,,,dunkster,,,,,,