Sunday, July 3, 2011

H2O Therapy

What a great day! Today I took a leisurely stroll into Rummel Lake with a large group of folks from the Canmore Hiking Club. It was super to see a few familiar faces from last season: Andrea, who is a geologist and hiking guide extraordinaire; Michael, an accountant who's wife is expecting their first baby any day now; and Karen, a teacher who's career has taken her to some amazing places around the world. I also got to meet many cool new peeps as well, including David, a construction company owner who knows more about wildflowers than possibly anyone, and Ward, who is an environmental specialist originally from the Netherlands.

At the trailhead.

Rummel Lake

Checking out the lake.

Still alot of snow!


15 people (2 not in the pic) and 4 poochies...

July 3rd - and there is still ice on the lake! And a fair amount of snow remains on parts of the trail, too. But all in all, we timed the trek perfectly. The early start boded well for us, because just as we were heading back, the rain began!

I was on the road for home by about 3pm this afternoon, and I'm sure I had a smile pasted to my face the whole way. My weekend was fantastic, and I look forward to getting out again SOON!!


Rummel Lake
Time (car to lake): 2 hrs
Distance (round trip): ~9km
Elevation Gain: 355m

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Anonymous said...

WOW!!,, very interesting people to enjoy your hiking with,,those trails lead to some spectacular places and views of MOTHER NATURE,,,cheerio...dunkster,,