Sunday, July 10, 2011

What A Weekend!

The past three days have been super fun! Friday and Saturday, Todd and friends had a couple of wicked kitesurfing sessions at Gull Lake, and today, Todd and I spent the day in Kananaskis.

Here are a few pics of crazy Peter M. and his fluorescent green board at Gull yesterday:

Peter does a hooked-in railey
Hooked-in railey! Not bad!!

You can imagine how this one ended...

Todd and I got up early this morning and drove down to Kananaskis Village where we proceeded to hoof-it into Ribbon Falls. That has got to be the easiest trail in K-Country - confirmed by the fact that everybody and their dog was on it... literally! It was quite busy, but it was still awesome to be out enjoying such a fabulous day.

Ribbon Creek
Mellow walk to Ribbon Falls
Ribbon Falls
Ribbon Falls
Above Ribbon Falls
What a view!
Descending the chains

The falls are impressive, and we explored above them with the intent of checking out Ribbon Lake (which we got to see last year from Buller Pass). After the first set of chains up the cliff band however, we decided that we had gone far enough, and we turned around and headed back down to the car.

Tomorrow, the usual work grind awaits... but it's tolerable this week because on Thursday, I start some summer vacation... and I can hardly wait! No travel plans are set in stone yet - it will be a last  minute decision that will heavily depend on the weather. Come on, Sun!!


Ribbon Falls - including ascent to the cliff face on the headwall
Time (car to car): 5 hrs  (1-3/4 hrs to the falls)
Distance: ~20km
Elevation Gain (to headwall): ~500m

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