Tuesday, July 26, 2011


What an awesome couple of weeks it has been! We just got back from a great camping holiday in the southwest corner of Alberta. There wasn't really a plan in place when we left - following the sunshine was pretty much the only thing on the agenda... and we got as far as the Pincher Creek / Waterton area and that is where we hung out. It was absolutely fabulous!

Between hiking and kiting and beach time, we visited several lakes including Oldman Reservoir, Keho Lake, Waterton Lakes, Cameron Lake, Wall Lake, Upper and Lower Rowe Lakes, and Crypt Lake. Of course I would have loved to have seen more (read: every lake in Waterton Nat'l Park!), however there are only so many hours in a day and only so many days in a vacation.  **SIGH**  But I'm definitely not complaining - I had so much fun and am sad that it is over.

Now. Are you ready for this? Since I didn't take my laptop with me, I was not able to post while I was away. Which means that I have a ton of pics to share... and about a quarter of them are coming at you in this one MASSIVE SLIDESHOW. Note that it may not start properly on the first try... not sure what the problem is...? At any rate, enjoy!



Anonymous said...

MAN!!,, you guys sure see a LOT OF BEAUTIFUL SCENERY,,must be very QUIET in those remote areas?,,your pics just go to show that you don't have to leave ALBERTA in order to find BEAUTIFUL PLACES to explore and enjoy,,,can't wait to see more pictures.....cheerio dunkster & elmo.....

Cliff said...

I like the photo taken into the trucks mirror. Its kind of strange at first and throws you off because you know that you are in the vehicle in the reflection but the photo of the mirror is so clear. Really cool!