Saturday, July 30, 2011

Talk about WOW! factor!!

My friend Lynn joined me today for a fabulous walk up to Wilcox Pass. What a day!

Ready to roll!
Never-ending views!

This has got to be one of the most scenic trails I've ever been on. The pass is expansive beyond belief and the Columbia Icefields dominate the scenery. Plus the trail is easy-peasy! The only down side to it is the crowds. We went early so we missed most of the gong show... and we also had time for a jaunt over to Wilcox (aka Nigel) Lake.

Wilcox (or Nigel?) Lake
Above Wilcox Pass
Wilcox Pass
What a view!

The skies were clear and the temps were warm, but it was moderately windy - which is to be expected I guess, since it is a pass after all.

A great friend, and a great hike - it was a fantastic way to spend the day! Thanks so much Lynn!


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Anonymous said...

wow! ,,more great views of the mountain back country,,,do all the people traffic leave much of a mess or are most avid and thoughtful hikers ,,,and pack out there trash ? ,,cheerio ,dunkster,,,,