Sunday, December 1, 2013

Good times in the desert!

S-A.... T-U-R.... D-A-Y.... night! Oh boooooy!!

Saturday started out pretty mellow.... I hung out with Heather and Court at their SUP shop....  Check it out at NoSnow Stand Up Paddleboards ....



Important piece of sporting equipment....

That's my dream board on the bottom!

But then at about 4 o'clock, the shenanigans began.

We loaded up the bicycles and met up with a group of the Fetters' friends, and peddled from one pub to another to another - watching the college football game, and of course consuming copious amounts of beer (and in my case, rum).

Ten adults + beach cruiser bikes + ASU football game = TROUBLE!!

First stop.

Third stop.

My ride!

Not my ride!

By the fifth stop, handstands seemed like a good idea....

The evening ended moderately early, and we mostly ended up unscathed.... It was a ton of fun and lots of laughs were had!

Today, I'm going paddling for the afternoon, which I am totally excited about! It is beautiful here and I can't wait to get out on the water!


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Anonymous said...

man!!.you folks are sure having fun as well as covering a lot of places;time must really fly,,and it looks like you need about30 hrs in a day to get everything done,,cheerio for now,,,,,love ya all,,dunkster,,,