Monday, December 9, 2013

Winter is here to stay!

So we might as well make the best of it, right!!?  Which means:  Skiing! Yeah!!

This weekend we spent two days on the slopes, in bone-chilling temps.... but the skiing was fantastic and it was so great to be outside in the mountains!

-25C at Norquay

Chris and I both demo'd some fat, free-ride skiis - way too much fun!! Chris rode the Rossignol Soul 7's and is totally in love with them.... I was on Rossi's Saffron 7's but wasn't completely smitten.... so I will need to keep researching.

It was a -20C, calm, blue-sky day at Sunshine - there's Mt Assiniboine!

Of course there were beer breaks!

Skiied til the chairs quit running! Woot!

Even though my toesies were freezing for most of it, it was awesome to check out some new downhill gear. Plus the cold kept the crowds away! And, the most ironic part about the whole deep-freeze weekend - I moderately frost-bit my earlobes while sitting in the hottub one evening! Tsk.
Can't wait to get out again!!

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Anonymous said...

hmmm!,,they say "only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the miday sun,,,guess you are not mad,,cuz you are out in -25' weather,,lol,,,yes the coolness keeps the crowds to a minimum ,,quicker tow lines are a product of that least there are NO MOSQUITOS IN THAT COOLNESS..cheerio for now ,,love ya lots,,,dunkster,,,