Monday, December 2, 2013

What SUP??!

As you may already know, my Sista and her hubby opened up a standup paddleboard shop in Mesa, back in July. It has been a huge success, and now not only do I have a 'second home' in Arizona (haha!), I also have unlimited access to another fun form of desert recreation!

Yesterday, while the kids were manning the store, a friend of Heather's took me out to Saguaro Lake and we paddled for a few hours. The landscape was beautiful and it was such a great way to spend an afternoon!

Soon, it's back to the frozen north for me. And while it has been a fantastic little break from winter, I must say I'm looking forward to getting home to all that fresh pow in the Rockies!


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Anonymous said...

HAA!1,,you will have LOTS OF POWDERY SHOW,,hope you have decided the type of new skis you are getting, don't think you will encounter many ROCKS on the ski hills now,,lol,safe flight home today,,,hope you are not DIVERTED TO SPOKANE if not able to land in calgary,,,,cheerio,, love ya ,,,dunkster,,,