Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sick Day

So I'm in the market for new skis.  And I was totally stoked to be demo'ing a pair of "Sick Days" by Line. The reviews I have been reading about them are mixed, but the name and the graphics were so darn cool that I thought I'd try 'em out.
Seriously SICK skis, no doubt!
After about the eighth run today however, I wasn't all that stoked anymore. The skis are wickedly solid, and LONG, and I just couldn't manage them like I want to be able to manage skis in the steep-ish, deep-ish, bumpy-ish terrain.
Not wanting to call it quits due to equipment, I decided to stop in at the Salomon test center at Sunshine Village, and let me tell you, my afternoon was far more productive. I proceeded to try three more sets of skis - lighter fatties, true all-mountains, and finally, the glorious free-riders I think I've been searching for! I have one more set to demo tomorrow, and if I am not completely blown away by them, I will be buying the ones that I skied all over Lookout Mountain on. Yeah!!
At the end of what was yet another stellar day on the slopes, we stopped in at the lounge for a beer. By the time we finished up, it was almost dusk (today is the Winter Solstice!) and ours were the only sets of skis left on any of the racks at the Village. Needless to say, the ski-out was an exercise in skiing by feel.... LOL!!
Here's to the days now getting more hours of sunshine!


Anonymous said...

looks like there were not many harty skiers on the slope at all !! very neat that you could demo more than one set per day,,makes the decision somewhat you leave your car at the bottom of the road in and take a bus up to the lodge?,,,cheerio for now,,love ya lots,,,dunkster,,,

Anonymous said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!,,,,,, elmo and dunkster,,,