Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Day in the Woods

What an amazingly great day yesterday was! Todd and I went up to Bourgeau Lake. Then on to Harvey Lake and Harvey Pass. And then low and behold if we didn't head right on up to the summit of Mt Bourgeau! What a hike! It wasn't a blue-sky day by any means, but it did not rain either, and the temps were absolutely perfect - since +14C is a much more pleasant temperature in which to exert one's self for over 8 hours, than say, +24C. As well, we left late enough (11am) that the heavy clouds had lifted by the time we arrived at the meadows which surround the lake, so we had very nice views.
The trail is long, but it is super easy... and the scenery above Bourgeau Lake is absolutely fantastic! So if you decide to go, definitely make a day of it and at the very least hit Harvey Pass. You won't be disappointed!

Time (car to car): 8-1/2 hrs
Distance: ~24km to summit and back
Elevation gain: ~1500m to summit

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elmo said...

cheryle,,very interesting and beutiful photography,,you certainly make excellent use of your days off.thanks for taking time to post these writings.,,,,,duncan and elmo..