Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day!

This week has been quite a bit of fun so far! Sonja came out on Sunday, and the plan was to peddle down the Cascade Fire Road to the creek and then hike into a climbing area downstream of the bridge. Well, we got about 25m from the parking lot... and were forced to switch to plan B when Todd blew out the front tire on his bike. So we headed back towards Canmore and decided to walk into Stoneworks, which turned into a fantastic time. The canyon is gnarly and the climbing is varied and cool. Then on Monday, Ruby and Dustin joined us and the five of us climbed Keel Haul Wall and Grey Waves on Goat Mountain. The weather and views were stellar! Sonja had to go home that afternoon, but the Mobergs stuck around and I climbed with them yesterday at Grassi Lakes. It was awesome!
Today is a day of rest for me. A group headed out to the Back of the Lake, but I have some things to catch up on, so I stayed behind. I may have to head downtown however, and take in some of the July 1st festivities - it is a beautiful day and I can hear the music and commotion from where I live! Yeah!

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