Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hiking here, hiking there...

This past weekend was fabulous! What a way to end a stretch of days off, I tell ya. We didn't attempt either of the scrambles we had discussed, but on Friday, Todd and I did get out for a quick burn up to Stoney Squaw Summit at Mount Norquay - it is a really nice little trail, we did it in sandals even! Saturday was pretty casual; it included some sleeping in, followed by a serious ant infestation takedown, lunch at the Iron Goat, and then watching the movie Star Trek! Today, we drove out to Castle Junction and hiked into Rockbound Lake (not in sandals! it's almost 20K round trip) then zipped up to Silverton Falls on our way out. The weather held out and we had an excellent day.
**SIGH** And, the time has now come to head back to Red Deer for a few days of work. But that's okay... it makes me appreciate my time NOT spent at work, all that much more!! Yeah!!

Rockbound Lake & Silverton Falls
Time (car to car): 5 hrs
Distance: ~20km to Rockbound Lake, Silverton Falls and back
Elevation gain: 850m (including the falls)

Stoney Squaw Summit
Time (car to car): 1-1/4 hrs
Distance: ~5km
Elevation Gain: 185m


Todd Learn said...

Nice post. I had a great time as well. Love you so much!!!!!!!

elmo said...

spectacular scenery,,,dad,,,