Friday, July 3, 2009

Time not spent at work...

Yesterday we had a great time at Cougar Creek! Brad and Sonja joined the Mobergs, Todd and me for an awesome day on the rock. We hung out mostly in the cool Cosmology Crag area. Ruby is climbing STRONG and she led some fantastic routes for Sonja and me to enjoy - thanks Ruby!! Brad and Dustin got on some harder stuff, and Todd's shoulder is bothering him so he didn't "climb" exactly... but he did bring his route-building gear and started on a new route across the creek from where the rest of us were playing. I got the... thrill???... of bashing my way up through the choss and moss for a 'first ascent' of the route... although it was mostly a dirt-fest, destruct-o, knock-down-the-loose-shite type of ascent... but fun none the less!! Some small, reachy edges get you up to a super neat corner, followed by lots of blocky goodness leading to a stretched out move which must be made over the tough lip to the chains... it starts out crazy, then it seems like you have it under control, but then it gets away on you again all of a sudden... so I named it Acetylene Reaction (if you know where I work, you'll get it).
Today I may meet up with my good friend Jody for an afternoon session at Grassi, then tonite we look forward to more visiting with fab peeps! The weekend will probably be nuts at the local crags, so Todd and I have talked about a few scrambles we are going to attempt - one of the Sisters and Grotto, perhaps. We'll see how it goes!

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elmo said...

good pictures of your freinds on the rock face!!!!,,,duncan and elmo