Monday, July 27, 2009

Rum, cheezies, and The Family Guy...

Ha ha!! Those are the exact words uttered by Todd this evening, beverage and snack bowl in hand, after a nice mellow day at Grassi Lakes. He and a couple of other friends had a great weekend of climbing (while I worked!! UGH!!), and today we took it easy - as the pictures clearly show! Excellent belay stance, Todd!! Yeah!!
Tomorrow we're heading to the Columbia Icefields, to enjoy a hike to Wilcox Pass. We may even scramble right to the top of Mt Wilcox itself - we'll see how our timeline is, since we have to be back in Red Deer tomorrow night.
Now, I'm off to enjoy nature's light show: a beautiful thunderstorm and some much needed rain has rolled in. Cheers!

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