Saturday, August 8, 2009

FIVE and counting!

After being stuck inside for a few days, thanks to some serious rain and gloomy conditions, it was awesome to get out into the sunshine on Thursday. It never did quite clear up in Canmore, but I went out to Lake Louise and rode the gondola, then wandered around mid-mountain for an hour or so. Due to the major grizzly activity recently, I was cautioned against hiking the ski-hill trails alone… so between that and the fact that the afternoon haze made for poor scenery/photography, the adventure itself wasn’t really blogworthy… However, the TWO grizzly bear sightings were very blogworthy… hence the post! That brings my count of bear sightings this summer to FIVE – which is probably more than I’ve seen in the last five years – and I’m excited about that! They are such beautiful, powerful creatures, and it makes me sad to know that they sometimes have to be destroyed because WE have imposed on THEIR space. That’s just not right. We humans can be frighteningly arrogant.
Anyway, enough of the deep stuff! I’m stoked that I get to enjoy nature in such a capacity on a regular basis, and even on the ‘worst’ days, the great outdoors are a bazillion times better than the indoors!!

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