Sunday, August 2, 2009

Yoho ho, and a bottle of rum!

This weekend, a couple of my friends came to Canmore for a visit. And, being the great friend I am... I nearly killed them... Okay, perhaps that's an exaggeration! But I did work them over... and they both fared excellent, and I think they even had a good time...?
Saturday, Jynelle and I hiked up to the Ink Pots near Castle Junction. We took the Moose Meadows trail up (highly recommended - way less traffic!!) and then we returned via the Johnston Canyon trail.
Sunday, Toni joined us, and the three of us got up early and headed out to Yoho Nat'l Park. We started our day with a hike up to beautiful Sherbrooke Lake, then we took the other 'fork in the road' and wandered up to Paget Lookout - which, by the way, offers up SPECTACULAR views - where we ate our lunch and hung out for an hour or so. After we got back to the car, we decided to drive out to Emerald Lake and Takkakkaw Falls, since we were in the vicinity. It was quite the whirlwind tour!
Toni had to head back to Calgary, but Jynelle and I topped off our day with some Captain Morgan's, supper and visiting with fantastic peeps! So far, what an awesome weekend!!

Ink Pots via Moose Meadows ascent and Johnston Canyon return
Time (car to car): 4 hrs
Distance: ~ 12.5km (including hike along hwy 1A back to Moose Meadows trailhead parking area)
Elevation Gain: 215m

Sherbrooke Lake (North End) / Paget Lookout
Time (car to car): 5-1/2 hrs
Distance: ~11.5km (to far end of lake, back to junction, up to lookout, down to parking area)
Elevation Gain: 197m to lake, 520m to lookout

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