Saturday, August 8, 2009

A fair view from Fairview!

D'OH!! I had intentions of getting up early and making it a full day of hiking today... set my alarm and everything... The weather forecast looked so stellar for the Banff/Lake Louise area and I had hoped take advantage of it. However, after rolling out of bed and fumbling around for about 15 minutes after my 5:30am alarm went off... I promptly crawled back in, went back to sleep, and didn't wake up until almost ten o'clock!! Needless to say, my day was cut a bit shorter... but that's okay. Aside from the fact that I felt (and still feel) like total shite (cover your ears kids!), I still managed to hike up to the top of amazing Fairview Mtn - which totally lived up to its name today!! And on my way out I took a quick jaunt up to the highly disappointing Fairview Lookout. It was a typical Saturday in the park... line-ups everywhere, many parties on the trails... but it was still better than being inside! Speaking of which, I'm spending an extra few days inside here coming up - I'm going back to work a day early. Work. Hmmph. A necessary evil I guess!! But next weekend, my friend Lynn will be joining me for some more excellent hiking adventures. Can't wait!!
Oh, I also saw my 6th bear of the season - this one was a little black guy, munching away on berries alongside the Bow Valley Parkway. That makes 4 grizzes and 2 blacks - what a summer! Yeah!

Mount Fairview
Time (car to car): 4-1/2 hrs
Distance: ~11km
Elevation Gain: 1000m

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