Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day Four...

Another great day in Hood River! Todd and Chris got the best of the wind, early yesterday... and there were hardly any other peeps out on the water, either!

This morning, we're having brekkie at the Hood River Hotel, and then we'll be heading down to the sandbar for what looks to possibly be the last epic day. So maybe tomorrow, the boys will have to take a rest day and we can find a place to go hiking or something?

No matter what we get to do, it is gorgeous here and we are having a fabulous time! Yaaaayyy for road trips!!! Yeah!


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Anonymous said...

Where are all the other kite flyers ,,or are you folks just more ambitious and early ?sure looks like a nice place to be !!How long will you stay ? cheerio for now enjoy today ,,,dunkster,,,