Saturday, August 28, 2010


Oh dear. It finally happened. I kind of had the 'same day twice'... D'OH!! The whole premise behind the name of my blog is that, while I will definitely try pretty much anything once, I prefer NOT to repeat myself when it comes to hiking and travelling, etc. This world has so many trails to explore and destinations to visit, and I seriously enjoy the adventure of new scenery and locations. I love not knowing what it will look like when I arrive!! I mean, of course there are the standard places that I venture to, time after time after time (honestly, who doesn't like Skaha or Red Rocks or even Arizona??)... but mostly I make an effort to plan my hikes and holidays to places I've never been.

Until today. I'm in Canmore and I slept late (felt soooo good!!), and between that and the bear closures around the area and the poopy weather forecast, I chose to stick close to home. About five years ago, Todd and I climbed the standard route up the north face of Ha Ling Peak, and we walked off via a trail down the backside. All I remember about it is that the views from the top were quite nice... so even though I already have a rock from the peak, I decided to check it out a second time.


I'm really glad I did! Although I couldn't have picked a busier day... Saturday! But that's okay - the people traffic was entertaining. It took me 90 minutes to get to the summit, and along the way I passed an 8-year-old girl who proudly announced she would be turning 9 tomorrow and had just climbed her first mountain. I also met and chatted with a retired fellow from China who was quite concerned that I was hiking by myself. He is here exploring the Rockies for an unspecified amount of time and was super keen to do more scrambling. We discussed nearby options and I left him with my GemTrek map of Canmore - I thought he was going to hug me, he was so grateful!

Then I toured over to Miner's Peak, which was way less crowded but equally as scenic. I met a local gentleman who was scoping out some ski lines below Lawrence Grassi Peak, and then I sat and ate my lunch in the glorious sunshine.


I was back at the car in just over three hours, and for the record, the last time I was at Ha Ling I don't think we descended on the well-worn switchbacking trail that I hiked on today. Seems to me we took the 'climbers trail' (which beelines straight for the road!) So... a different trail, and a variation at the top that included another peak... Perhaps I didn't have the same day twice after all!!?


Ha Ling Peak / Miner's Peak
Time (car-to-car): 3-1/4 hrs
Distance: ~6km
Elevation Gain: ~800m


Todd Learn said...

Nice job mountain girl!! Glad you had a good day. Lots of love.

Anonymous said...

Looks like it WAS not "THE SAME DAY TWICE" very kind of you to relinquish your map to the foreign hiker,,,more nice pictures,,,glad there were others on the trails ,,,cheerio ,,,dunkster,,,