Thursday, August 5, 2010

We are ALL somebody else's weirdo!!

Don't laugh - because it's true!! I've needed to remind myself of that this week, a few times actually, since for some reason I've felt particularly irritated by the antics of others and have allowed myself to make totally unnecessary comments to these people with respect to said antics. I know for a fact that I have my moments and I massively aggravate other people at times. I also understand that my opinions and lifestyle are viewed as somewhat off-the-wall and likely perplex the majority of the population... which means that in the minds of many, I am definitely a weirdo!! So. That being said. Nobody is perfect, and I'm going to try even harder to simply embrace my own 'weirdness' and to just let go of all the annoyances around me. Life is much too short to even bother contemplating things that are not important to me and that have no real effect on my world. And yes, I do live in my own little world... but I like it here!! Yeah!



Anonymous said...

NOW,NOW!!,,don't think yours is a small 'little world,', it seems you traverse over a large domain,,anyhow being that it is what you enjoy doing ,it is YOUR DOMAIN in which you are free to do as you want,,so,, I would observe that you probably have the best of both worlds,..from the prverbs of DUNKSTER,,, cheerio for now,,the dunkster,,,,(set in the year-2010AD,)

Cheryle said...

Dad, you crack me up!! Thanks for all your comments and for all the words of wisdom!!
Love Cheryle

Anonymous said...

and for my two cents worth...IT JUST DOESN'T Matter what other people think!!!!! You are obviously happy and enjoying what is wrong with being a weirdo? and what is normal anyway ?????
I love you just as you