Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mount St. Piran

Wow, today was another amazing day in the mountains - I managed to tick Mount St. Piran off my 'To Do' list! I joined three other fine folks from the Canmore Hiking Club and we had a most enjoyable hike to the top of this great little peak.


The scenery is unbelievable, but the best part was getting to know some really nice people. Karen is a school teacher who has been teaching overseas for the past 7 years and has recently returned to Canmore. Michael is an accountant who resides in Exshaw with his wife. Andrea lives in Canmore and is a geologist who also is a hiking guide. And Casey... Casey is an 11-year old golden retriever who is absolutely awesome!



So the day was not only one gorgeous view after another, it was also filled with fantastic conversation, and I look forward to getting out with my new friends again soon!



Anonymous said...

HEY,ARE you in canmore for your days off ?,,another bunch of great pics,,weather is looking nice for you there,,cheerio,,,dunkster,,,,

Anonymous said...

GLAD YOU ARE NOT HIKING ALONE !!! ,,,dunkster ,,,,