Monday, August 16, 2010

Ice, Ice, Baby!!

Ahhhh, the Iceline Trail!! I've wanted to hike it for soooo long... and today my friend Monique was able to join me for a most stellar day on this stellar trail in Yoho Nat'l Park! It is absolutely gorgeous!

We started at Whiskey Jack Hostel, hiked out to the Stanley Mitchell Hut, then over to Laughing Falls, back down to Takkakkaw Falls, and finished where we started at the hostel. I seriously recommend going in this direction to anyone who may be interested in doing this hike. The first few kilometres are a grind... but once you are out of the trees, the views are so overwhelming that you don't even realize you are going uphill anymore. And pretty much all of the elevation is gained in the first 6k... so the rest of the way is nothing but cruisy!



I had a fabulous day and am so happy to finally have done this loop! Yeah! I'm loving the mountains right about now!


Iceline Trail (via Stanley Mitchell Hut, Laughing Falls)
Time (car to car): 6-1/4 hrs
Distance: 21km
Elevation Gain: 720m

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Anonymous said...

Nice picture of the cloud behind the mtn,and neat cabin ,,and the peak lookout,looks like weather was great for hiking,? thanks for the pictures and descriptions,,,,,,have a good day,,, dunkster,,,,